Syntronic R&D Canada

Syntronic R&D Canada
555 Legget Drive Tower B, Suite 400 Kanata Ontario Canada K2K2X3
1 613-383-1102
Cost Improvement, ASIC, Software Applications, Component Eng, FPGA, Manufacturing Testing, Software Embedded, Environmental Eng, Hardware, Manufacturing Services, Failure Analysis, Industrial, Software Mobile Applications, Mechanical, Project Manager, Software Web Development, PCB Layout, Staffing and Recruiting, Signal Integrity, Regulatory Compliance, Reliability Eng, Thermal Analysis
$50-100, $100-150, +$150
Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Telecoms, Consumer, Other
Syntronic is an engineering design house specializing in: ASIC, Component Eng, Cost Improvement, Environmental Eng, Failure Analysis, FPGA, Hardware, Industrial, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Services, Mechanical, PCB Layout, Project Manager, Regulatory Compliance, Reliability Eng, Signal Integrity, Software Applications, Software Embedded, Software Mobile Applications, Software Web Development, Staffing and Thermal Analysis.
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